Scotts Dampner Install

Any hints on installing the Scotts with stock triples and thumper racing 1.5" bar riser. I just got mine and dont see instructions related to this combo. Thanks in advance.

I need this mounted soon, as it seems every time I run some hikers off the trail, and run them over I get some deflection and head shake, this should cure that problem.

How about givin' Scott's a call. They got a great technical staff. and are always willing to help out...

Use the universal mount from Scotts - you'll have to drill/tap the triple clamp. I used the universal mount to install my Scotts on an Applied Racing TC with Thumper Racing bolt on mounts.


I'm looking for a similar solution. I am tempted to buy Taffy's combo of Scotts Triples & Stabiliser that he is selling, but I really need extra height. I am 6 foot 2.5 inches, 34 inseam and have a terrible time standing with a stock triple and TAG bar with must be about 60-70mm rise.

Is anyone running a setup with scotts triple clamp & damper and really tall pro-tapers as this would be a much cleaner look ? If so what & how ?

At the end of the day I think the Thumper Racing 1.5 inche bar risers, some tall bar + scotts damper is the right way to go.

About that drilling and tapping thing, is that difficult to do ? What's the procedure.

I'm going to phone Scotts for advice but its always good to get the insight from those that have been there done that.

Get rid of the bar risers and buy some hig bars like XR 600 bars then you wont need the riser. Or go to a bearing house and buy some hardened round stock (measure the pin) and make the pin longer in the frame mount portion.

I went with the Pastrana bend pro-tapers when I put on my Scott's triple clamp and stabilizer. The guy at Scott's said they're the tallest bars. I debated about getting some Thumper risers after riding a friends XR400 with them. I really liked the extra height. I'm 6'1" and standing was really tough with the stock setup. I'd still like my bars about a half inch taller, but it's a lot better than it was.

Funny you should say that, thats exactly what I am going for ! Great minds think alike.


Hey, that sounds like a combo I would like...

Anyone clue in a clueless Aussie to the Scotts website address... I got garden and lawn care, and the goggle company... no triple clamps or dampers... :)


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