Thinking WR450, But ned Help

]I had a dual sport and a WR400 for a while now. I got this idea to sell them both and buy a new WR450 and dual sport it myself. Then I saw that alot of people are selling 03 and 04 models pretty cheap. I heard that the 03's had some problems. What do I need to look for when looking at used ones.

I also want to know if anyone knows of a good seat company that can make me a seat that I can use on dual sport rides only. I am going to keep the factory seat on the new bike when I get it but I want a really comfortable seat for long trips.

Any ideas would help!

I ride an '03 and have been fortunate not to have the dreaded 'woodruff key' issue on my bike.

For saddles (I guess if their custom this is what they're called) a couple guys I've read about doing loooong D/S rides use Bill Mayer Saddles

I use a Guts Racing Tall/Soft and I swear it saved me from a broken tail bone in the last race.

Good luck.

I have an 04 wr450. I had not had a dirt bike for 27 years. I had raced 100,125 and 250 class through most of the 70,s I find the 450 to be easy to ride & easy to work on. have had no problems. I ride mostly tight trails & fire roads.

I keep hearing about the Guts seat foam. Where can I find it? My 05 has a nice slim seat, but there is very little foam and I get saddle sore pretty quickly.



I have an '03 WR450f with absolutely ZERO problems after 5,000 Super Motard road and dirt trail miles combined. Very reliable, and fast. I use the e-button for every start-up. Adjusted valves 1 time @ about 1,000 miles. Only regular oil changes.

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