Home Made Spark Arrestor? & Laws

Hey. I was interested in buying the White Brothers aluminum race exhaust for mt 2005 450 and was wondering if anyone knows the spark arrestor law. I wanted to know if I could put a screen at the end of the core and if this would be adequate to pass if I went riding in territory where you would need a spark arrestor. Indiana doesn't have a noise or spark arrestor law, but I was thinking about the future changes or if I wanted to ride in Michigan. Thanks for all your help! This forum is a great source of info. Matt

Not legal in California.

I have been going back and forth about which exhaust to get. The White Bros aluminum race complete is $350, The Dr. D slip-on is $360 with arrestor, The FMF titanium slip-on is $330, Damn, to many choices. I don't want a visit from the cops at my buddy's local track and I don't want to keep the stock pipe in fear of any exhaust and sub-frame damage because of a crash. It sticks way to far out! HELP! Matt

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