need some help on fork oil change

before i get bashed, i have used the search feature and my manual, problem is i have gotten the fork tube off and spun the cap to expose the springs, but i can't get the fork cap off to see the amount currently in there and i don't want to pour out the oil that is in there when i don't see how i can measure the level when i replace it


Pull the spring down from the cap, insert a 17mm open ended wrench and hold the nut, then use a 19mm wrench and remove the upper cap. The spring will then come out, then collapse the fork, push the damper rod down. Then measure from the top of the fork, (where the cap screws on), down to the fluid level. Oil height is more important then worrying about how many ounces or whatever. I think on my 426 its like 5 inches or somewhere around there.

thanks 642mx, i am nervous about screwing things up, I appreciate the tip

A reference:

ThumperFAQ fork oil change

I believe the oil level range for most '00-'03 models should be between 85-140mm with the spring out and the fork and damper fully compressed.

Be sure to bleed the air (see text at the web site)

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