YZ cam/auto decomp for my WR

I read the posts in the YZ forum on the Cam mod. And now that I'm hooked, I'm considering doing the YZ450 cam mod on my wr 426 2002. First to benefit from the auto decomp, and second the YZ timing could be "entertaining".

Do any of you have had to do business with NORTH COUNTY YAMAHA ONLINE STORE ?

They are offering a YZ450 OEM cam for a reasonable price with the OEM plug for the decompression cable.

But before I send the $$, I'd like to know what you guys think about it ?

Is the OEM YZ 450 cam still the hot set up ? Is a Hotcam a better/safer alternative ?

I know this topic is well documented. But a lot of time has passed since the first TTers made the mod, and there may be more info on the reliability issues.

Thanks for you inputs

This site is the best :)

That is where I purchased mine and everything works great. Go for it, you probably won't find a better price.

They include an OEM plug for the decomp cable. Is it just a rubber plug that we wedge in the hole or is a leak proof well made item ?


It is not a very good plug. I would recommend getting the one that is sold here on TT. Much better quality product.

Thanks for your info.

It's just what I needed to be convinced.

I made the deal on the YZ 450 cam :):p .

Now I'm gonna have to wait for it, why is it so long ?


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