white bros e series ?

I have a white bros e series slip on. It has 12 discks then a solid disck at the end which blocks the end cap :) .I was wondering what setup gives the most power ?

more discs = more power because you're allowing more air through the system. the solid disc at the end is the spark arrester. for the most power, you just put all the discs in. if you're at a track or whatever and don't need the arrester, you could take that out too and run it straight through which should give you the most power you could get out of the e-series, in theory. i ride trails, and for trails, I think that having all 12 discs in makes the bike too damned loud. I've got 8 discs in right now on my yz400, still fairly loud, but it's a good compromise i think. supposedly, 4 discs is supposed to be equivalent to a stock exhaust, but I'm not sure if they meant a stock WR exhaust or a stock YZ exhaust...I'm thinking they meant WR. Anyways, I originally put 4 discs in mine and it felt like it lost some snap, so I asked around and did some research, quite a few people said they liked 8, and many others said they just put all of them in, so i guess it's up to you how loud you want it. don't forget to twist on the fuel screw and increase the amount of fuel each time you add discs in. good luck!

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