Xr 650 Hard Starting

I was wondering if anyone out there has been experiencing the same problems with their xr as I am. Bought the bike new last march. Very hard starting right off the bat at anything below 60 degrees F. Took it back to the dealership for warranty work on the way too lean carb and the starting problem. they of course said it started right up for them in their 70 degree shop and adjusted the fuel load so it would not backfire as bad, still backfires accelarating and deccelarating. I have tried every combo with the choke to no avail. My warranty is almost up and I want this damn bike to start for me in cold conditions, any ideas? I'm thinking of stripping all the emissions crap off to start with. thanks---Kevin

Which bike are you refering to? The 650R or the 650L. Can't be much help without that info. :)

* Go back to your dealer and make them fix it.

* Make sure you're using the proper starting procedure.

* Try turning up your idle a bit more and see if that helps.

If you get tired of dealing with your dealer, then...

* Uncork it / www.xr650r.us

* Make sure the valves are properly adjusted

* Make sure you have a good spark plug installed

The bike should easily start up.

Kevin if this is the 650r than I'm glad you came here to ask the ?'s. As Qadsan said, Uncork it. "Lean it out"...are you nuts man! The bike is running like you trying to breathe with a pitbull clamped on your trachea. Take your plug out, I garauntee it looks like the freakin' snow we're getting her in the north east. Uncork it, it's the only way, even if it's the 650l too.

The final solution to all of your problems is to uncork the beast and add an Edelbrock carb.

Trust me now, you'll thank me later

I had similar problems with my 2001 xr (uncorked) that I got a couple of months ago. I have had an Edelbrock on order now for 6 weeks, and I hope that fixes my problem.

I can get it started consistently now, with the stock carb. Here is what works for me. First I turn in the idle screw about 1/2 turn. Then I open the throttle all the way, hold in the compression release, and give it about 6 easy kicks. Then I release the throttle fully, use 1/2 choke, and operate the kick start lever until I hit stiff resistance. Then I pull in the compression release and move the kick starter down another inch or two. Then I let the starter come back to the top and let go of the compression release lever. Then I kick it as hard and fast as I can. It usually takes about 8-10 tries to get it going.

I know it should start easier than that. I suspect I have carburetor problems, but since I can get it started consistently now and the Edelbrock is on order, I haven't fooled with the stock carb.

One thing that works for me is a strong kick with a motocross boot on, 3 turns of the idle screw and choke on . Get it TDC and crank it hard and follow through.

I discovered recently that my uncorked, de-smogged, WB-piped 650r seems to be rather sensitive to idle jet gumming by old fuel. Put fresh fuel in, undo the carburettor bowl plug and blow out the jets with compressed air.

Also, properly adjusted valves make a world of difference.

But probably the main thing is let it breathe the way it's supposed to, IE uncork it!

Hope this helps.

Just read your post again, I had similar problems, bike would be hard to start, then would die as soon as I turn the choke off, and it backfired. Backfiring in this situation is a sign of a blocked pilot jet, as soon as I blew the jets clean with air it started right up and purred like a kitten.

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