Pro Moto Billet Insert Question

I got a look at a Pro Moto Billet insert for the '05 pipe. My question is why not just take out the stock insert completely and just leave in the spark arrestor? I did this a week ago and my bike was still relatively quiet while riding around the neighborhood. it didn't seem to make any real significant power gain that was noticeable; but has anyone done a dyno test with the stock insert removed? Am I missing somethin' in this whole equation? :)

I ordered the PMB the other day but, since the day I removed my stock snorkle I felt like the exhaust didn't have a streamline out. Like it was "trapping" somewhat in the end cap. The PMB looks like it will directly route the exhaust hopefully with claimed performance gains.

I put one on and did notice a crisper throttle response. It's all about air flow. An open endcap with the spark arrestor only lets the exhaust "slap" around before exiting reducing airflow and horsepower. The PMB insert helps remedy that. I'm glad I put mine on........Beats paying $400+ for a full system when your on a budget.

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