Stock Seat Foam vs Guts Tall Seat Foam ~ Comparsion Photo's

I never cared for the stock seat foam on these Yamaha WR450's (which resembles dried pancake batter). I opted for the Guts tall seat foam and cover. In comparsion? stock foam to guts foam, there is none, the guts foam is way better. This thread has more to do with the actual shape of the foam.

I've had the Guts foam installed for several months now. I guess I got tired of coming to a stop and falling over :) , so I decided I would just give guts a call and asked them just how much taller is their tall foam over stock. They replied about 1". I remember being able to touch the ground much better with the stock seat and thought perhaps the guts foam would settle in after a while and everything would be good. Being 5'11", I probably should have opted for the stock guts foam. Since I already had the tall foam, I decided the take it back apart and just see exactly what I am dealing with.

I just happen to have an extra stock seat so I placed the two side by side and took a few photo's for everyone who may be considering a better seat. Guts was partially correct, their tall seat foam is easily 1" higher than stock but I noticed that it's also nearly 2" higher right where you need to be when moving up on the seat or coming to a stop.

These 3 photo's are side by side comparsion between stock foam and Guts tall foam. I wish these photo's were better, they are not clear enough to show all the subtle differences of shape and roundness. You can see however the thickness and the 2X4 likeness of the tall foam.




I quickly decided I either need to order the stock foam or modify the tall foam. The photo's below show the modified version. Again the photo's will not do justice to the actual shapes but I was able to shave the seat just to my preference. I placed the seat on and off the bike several times leaving the seat foam thicker where I needed to and thinner where I didn't. It's still thicker than the stock foam but a little lower and flatter right where the guts was the tallest.



Sorry for the extra long post, but I felt the need to give back to so many who help me dial my bike in. :)

Great job BasicBlues! :D I like the carving job you did. :) Show us a pic once it is covered and on the bike for comparison when you get a chance. :) Thanks! :p

Thanks BasicBlues. I've been monitoring this forum and waiting for a way to lower my 450 with a Guts seat that's cost effective. Its a very comfortable seat for most riding situations, but on tight technical trails I've almost gone down on numerous occasions. And I'm 6'1'.

Let us know how it feels riding after the trim job.

Thanks for this post!

What did u use to trim the foam to your needs?

At 6'1, I feel the tall soft seat from guts is cool the way it is so, if I may, I would say your trimming job has a small inconvenient: it might be a little tougher now to slide forward and sit on the tank since you kind of created a slope in the foam shape (not unlike the stock seat foam) whereas the original foam form guts is like a flat line.

Nevertheless, I'm still interested in knowing what you used to customize that foam. I might modify mine differently...

Modified to your needs: that is how I like things to be done! Great job! :)


The flat line near the front of the Guts foam that you mentioned is what I needed to modify the most in my situation. There's enough foam in that area to carve out a spot for the family "jewels". :) Your question is the exact reason I started this thread. Each can shape and modify their seat to their own preference, it can be done with just a little effort and it might make all the difference. However I would recommend only taking off a little at a time and fitting the seat back on the bike many times, you'll quickly see just where you need to shape the foam.

Here's what I used to modify the foam:

Most of us have probably seen the chopper shows, when they get around to building the seat the foam looks like carpet underpadding and they are shaping it with a sander. That wouldn't work for me with the Guts foam.

Coincidentally, I just got though modifying my street bike seat too (adding a gel pad and memory foam) and I've found out what you need to shape the foam will largely depend on exactly what type of foam it is.

After marking off where I want to cut, I used an electric knife with the Guts foam to cut out the bulk. This worked great but be sure to leave enough foam to contour the edges and crown the center if desired. Then I tried and orbital sander with various grit without any success. I tried a drill with wood boring attachments without success. A dremel with a stone type bit will work but be careful, it won't take much to go right through the foam and it's harder to shape large areas. I wound up using a course grit sandpaper wrapped around a small wood block. I could slowly shape and get the contour right and remove just what I needed. One thing for sure, no matter what you use it's going to make a helluva mess so don't start this project in the kitchen.

With the street bike seat, I couldn't use the electric knife except on the outer edges due the "dish" in the seat. I used a razor blade to remove the bulk, then the dremel stone to square up my inner edges in this case where I was making a recessed area for the gel pad. If anyone wants photo's of this project send me a PM and I'll send them to you.


Thanks for the details Basicblues :)

Will keep that in mind for the future.


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