Which Dual Sport Kit

Can anyone recommend which dual sport kit to buy for an 03 or 04 WR450?


This is the best looking one I've seen AND judging from the write-ups it's the most versatile and dependable.

I highly recommend Dale at Trickdualsports. He is a good man and will handle any issues you may have personally. A real stand up guy. No 15 year old kids answering his phone. I have had my kit for about a year and it is working great. :)


I have had my trickdualsport kit for two years now and have ZERO problems.

I called Dale last year to order a new stop light switch and Dale wanted to know if it was his fault that it went bad (it wasn't). He was already to send me a new one for free. I assured him it was my stupidity and he should sell it to me, which is what he did. He is a great person to deal with and has a fantastic product.


I've had no problems with my Trickdualsport kit.

I have the Baja Designs and haven't had any problems with it at all but some people claim to have had problems with a couple parts from the kit.

I will say that I didn't like having to install the regulator rectifier in the air box. I thought it should fit where the stock one did.

The wire harness is excellent.

I would like to have a key switch though.

Oh yeah, the on/off-hi/low kill switch assembly is kinda lightweight and I question it's durability but it hasn't broken.

Without a question, Trickdualsport. Dale has the best... :)


I have a Baja Designs license plate bracket, banjo bolt rear brake light switch, and rear view mirror. Minimal, but gets the job done for the little bit of time that I spend on the street. The rest is extra weight off road. If I were to do a motard setup, it'd be the Trick kit.

Just to be on the safe side I would get the Trick Dual Sport!!! Best costumer relations guy around. He truly cares and does not put junk on the market. By the way I just got my plate today and it's like having a new bike being able to drive on the street legally. :):):p

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