More WR Lowering Questions

There's probably nothing to this but I thought I would check and compare WR450 suspension part numbers for 03' 04' 05' years to see if mainly the 05' part numbers provided any additional lowering possibilities. I contacted Norm Kouba links and he said Yamaha continually changed suspension parts in the past making it difficult for any manufacturer to tool up and make a lowering link. I don't have my manual in front of me to break down these part numbers but most of these parts look like they are probably same, If they are the same what's the point of changing part numbers if the part itself isn't changed?


5TJ-21190-00-00 Rear Sub Frame

5NY-2217A-00-00 Relay Arm

5NY-2217F-00-00 Connecting Rod


5TJ-21190-50-00 Rear Sub Frame

5NY-2217A-00-00 Relay Arm

5XE-2217F-00-00 Connecting Rod


5TJ-21190-80-00 Rear Sub Frame

1C3-2217A-00-00 Relay Arm

1C3-2217F-00-00 Connecting Rod

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