Gearing a 650L

I have a 94 650L which I went down one tooth on the front sprocket,which was a nice improvement.Need suggestions on the rear,its a 45,thinking maybe a 47...input man...input! :)

tullymars, I am running a 15/47 setup now and top speed is about 85 or at least that is as fast as I have pushed it since the 47 sprocket...It is a blast compared to the 43 I had before.....A 45 might suit you just fine if you have a lot of commuting to do....I would start with the 45 to see if you will have any chain length issues first....And I don't know if your bike has a disc or drum brake on the rear but pay close attention to the brake adjustment when changing sprockets or tightening the chain...The more you tighten the chain the tighter the adjustment gets on the rear brake ...Try them both...Ya got nothing to lose

14/48 hear. great combo. will easily do 70+ on the highway and is low enough for plonking along in the woods.

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