jetting for 426 with fmf Q silencer

I just put a fmf Q silencer on my 426 and it is running way lean

I'm at 2000feet above sea level

I just wondered if anyone could tell me their jetting

thanks :)

I struggled with my 02 yz426 after putting on the Q.

@1000ft I found a 160 Main---1 3/4 turns on the fuel screw. Clip on the #3 slot of the jet needle seemed to work best for mine?

I'm no mechanic.....I had to keep changing settings...on and on till I got it right. I also had to clean the carb out real good. Make sure you go to your local dealer and get a cleaner that wont damage the internal rubber o-rings and excelerator pump diaphragm.

Good luck!

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