rear shock clunking

picture this: while bike is sitting with no load on seat, pull up on rear of bike and there is a clunk, I traced it to the rear shock mounting. So I replaced the rear shock bearings and bushings, upper mount bolt and nut. The clunking is still there. If you place your hand on the top shock mount you can feel movement, but only when pulling up on the bike.

I didn't notice any abnormal wear in the area of the frame or bearing/bushing bore when I had the shock out.

Any ideas?

Did the bushings/bearings slide into the shock or did then need to be pressed? IF they slide in, you have excessive tolerances in the shock body. Be sure you greased things up also.

Also measure the bolts to see if they are worn for the shock.

The shock oil level could be low, although it's not likely if there are no signs of a leak.

Any of the swing arm or linkage pivots that have clearance in them will transmit a clunking noise to other parts of the assembly. Check each point while someone produces the noise for you.

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