Feel Sick after minor crash ?.?.?

This is the second time this has happened to me. I managed to find a 4 foot snow drift and didnt do to well on the landing, I had a minor crash, held in the clutch picked up the bike and continued on the trail. I then felt strange, pulled over and got real sick real quick, started gaggin and pukin thought i was going to faint, after bout 10min of that crap, i was fine, left with a little light head feeling and rode home :)

Anyone else go through something like this, I did not hit my head either, just your random lowspeed tip over.... :)

Are you sure you didn't hit your head?

I would have a doctor check you out.

Ya know the wife made me a waffle prior to the ride, im wondering if shes tryin to knock me off :)

How much did you drink the night before? Just kidding...

As long as you didn't hit your head, it could be a number of things, nerves, muscles tightening up, everything in the stomach getting mixed up, gag reflex, etc.

I'd say as long as you head is/was fine. If you vision started to get funny, go to the doctor ASAP. Concussions can do very odd things to the body and equilibrium.

Felt that way after a pretty good wreck on a quad, never on a bike. It could very well be a minor concussion.

Sounds to me like a minor concusion.... I have had plenty of them.

Oh, oh, oh, be carefull!.

Did you say you have had this happen before, and you had a waffle before hand...Syrup on that waffle.

Dont ignore sugar issues.

MY daughter's diabetic, when we ride, similar things happen. In her case its becasue the rush of adrenaline (sp?) brings here sugar down too fast. Sometimes its not dangerously low, it's just the rapid change.

Not tryin to scare you. But I suspect if it was no big deal you woudn't have posted.

Just one mans opinion


I crashed off of a jump once. The front wheel slid out upon landing and I hit the side of my head flat in the sand. It didn't even hurt, just shook me up. Later that day I sat down to read the Sunday paper and the letters were moving around on the page. I subsequently felt nauseas. Went to the emergency room and sure enough, I had a concussion.

See a doctor as soon as possible. Im no expert on head injurys, but I am 95% sure that you have a concussion. :) Vomiting very soon after a crash/hit is a tell tale sign of a concussion. Weather its a Grade 0 (Minor) or a Grade 3 (Serious) concussion, you should still have it checked, even for piece of mind. The strange this is, I believe that you can still get a concussion without hitting your head on something.... A sudden stop or jolt will do it too.... When and if you do go see a doctor, please post the results. Im curious what it could be otherwise..... Good Luck :)

It's happening more than once to you, I would rule against concussion. The diabeties suggestion is worthy; not sure if that's what it is, but it makes good logical sense and is worth checking out. Health is one of those areas where it really pays to catch things early so go see the doctor just for an early checkup and see what he/she says.

In regards to concussions; Once I put my head most of the way through a truck windshield. Was fine for about an hour, then started puking, etc.. and went to the hospital. concussion #1. Then as a pole valuter once I vaulted slightly off center, missed the pad and landed flat on my back on the ground. The rest of that day is still missing from my memory. Concussion #2. :):p:o:):D:D

yes get your head checked out....I have a degree in human kinetics and Im a firefighter with lots of medical training.......yamaha600racer is right you CAN get a concussion without even hitting your head, you can get what they call "contra coup concussion" its when you go from moving to stopping quickly the inertia you carry causes your brain to actually shift and hit your skull if you stop to quick :) ....happens alot in car accidents going from 60 to 0 is not good inertia can actualy even rip your major arteries too if your going really really really fast and say hit a wall, a tree or another vehicle.....

also how do you know the crash caused you to be sick? maybe feeling sick caused you to crash?? what came first the chicken or the egg? :)

Does anyone know if the doctors can tell how many concussions one has had. I have only been to doctor one time for a head injury, but have crashed two more time in the last 12 months. Both times I briefly lost consciousness and had blurred vision for 20 minutes or so. I did not feel nauseus. After one of the crashes I had a nasty black eye, but I don think I hit anything. I had goggles on and was only slightly discolored the day of the crash. The next day it was ugly. When I have lost conciousness I think it was from getting the wind knocked out of me.

The last crash was about six months ago. If I were to go to the doc could they do any tests to see if these in fact were concussions. I have been reading some of the posts regaurding the dangers of multiple concussions, I feel fine now, but would just like to know. I had a friend that played college football and he had to quit due to multiple concusssions.

Thanks for all of your replys, im leaning towards the "stopped to soon theory" I went from 35mph to zero in a heart beat, almost went over the bars but stopped short and grabbed that clutch so the ol'450 wouldnt die on me. This was the first time i had ridden since my last race a month ago, i think my head and body werent prepared for the crash :)

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