How much fork oil???

I have a YZ 426 2002 and have just changed the fork seals. I know that the oil level should be 135mm from the top of the outer tube, but does anyone know roughly in ml how much oil to put in each leg, any help always app :) reciated

The oil level actually can be adjusted within 135-85mm from the top. Remember to pump out all the air before you check it. Higher oil levels will give more bottoming resistance, but a harsher ride.

The job will use just about all of 1 quart at 100mm. Buy an extra, or don't spill any.

Yep, I quart will put you right at the lower limit of quantity for each leg. You'll need two to get you anything above the minimum for both legs. I assume they sell it in quarts there too, no? If it's in liter bottles one might get you to where you want to be...if you weigh less than, say about 150lbs... 68kg?

It sounds like you may be considering pouring a given amount of oil in each leg instead of pumping out all of the air and then drawing out the excess oil down to the desired level. I'm not sure if that is what you mean, but if it is you need to use the method in the book instead of going with a measured quantity of oil. :)

I ran my 426 forks at 100mm

Thanks a lot for all the advice, :):) its only the second time I have done the seals and couldnt rememver how much oil I put in the first time, I know about pumping the air out of the system but wanted to check I had all the air out. I am from the UK how much is a quart in terms of litres??

One liter is equal to 1.056688 quarts. So its basically the same thing.

darned foreigners! :)

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