Stock handlebars......

Hi gang........... I'm lookin for a stock set of handlebars for a bike that I'm selling........ Don't want to give away the best set of Tag bars I've found.

If you have a set that looks like brand new and are willing to part with them, PM me or email me at ..........I'm sure we'll be able to work something out....... :)


I have a set of TAG X-5's with a stripped crossbar bolt you can have if you pay shipping :)

I have the stock o3 450 handlebars I took them off the day I got it The stock bars are :):)

Yes, I know the stock bars are LAME.......the first time I dumped the bike, the stock ones bent and I threw them away!! If either of you would give me a total price I will look at the options.........stripped bolts are of no concern, I'm sure I can rig something up to make them functional......



I guess you may need a zip code..........60544


I took the stock bars off my 05 YZ250 after the first ride. Can you say LAME low rider Renthals LOL

HOWEVER....I sold them. Good luck

I have a set of renthal 7/8s mcgrath bend bars for sale,blue/silver,like new, used very little.$40.00 plus shipping

yeah the stock bars definately suck....i have the tag t2 bars on my bike and have had some pretty hard crashes and they are still perfectly straight...tag make a privateer kit that has the t2 bars, the top triple clamp, bar mounts and grips that sell for about $180....if u like fatbars...applied also makes a combo with a choice of tapers or renthal fatbars...for about the same price...

applied kit:

tag kit:

hope this helps...

Just wanted to say thanks for all the offers and thanks to Travis!! I appreciate the help!!


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