WR450 JD Red Needle Question?

I am currently running JD Blue #3 but as it warms up, the instructions say to go to the red needle. My question is, What clip position to start with? I have a 45 pilot, fuel screw out 2 turns, and a 168 main. All free mods done with baffle completely removed. The temps are nearing 70 degrees and the altitude that I am riding is 2500 to 4000 ft. I don't really know the difference in the red and blue needle to know where to start with the red. Can someone help? Thanks.

It says in the instructions that if the blue needle is working good and then it gets hot that putting the red needle in at the same clip position as the blue will lean the needle evenly over the range. JD mentioned that the difference is about 1/2 a clip going from blue to red.


Red5 is simular to Blue3 above 1/4 throttle...It will lean the mixture off idle without changing pilots.. :) I run the Red on clip 5 year round, just change to a bigger pilot and starter jet during the winter.. :)

Thanks a ton. :) Exactly what I was looking for. I lost my instructions that came with the kit.

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