Say hi to a new 05 wr450f owner

Hi everyone just a newb with an awesome bike - got it 2day and i'm in love. if ne1 can tell me wat i need to do to make it better i would appreciate it. already have vortex ignition, changed cam timing new dep pipe (98 decibells - comp ready) although just wanting to know what tooth sprocket i need to get to complete my project - i want a yz on the road : ) - cheers urs in thumpering.

Use spell check

Congratulations on the bike

You may want to rejet ur carb do a search (at the top right of page) for 2005 wr450 mods list. By tt member mousemeat

Hi, new 05 wr450f owner... :)

Hi "new 05 wr450f owner"

Hi to you and welcom.

This site is the best :) .

I dropped 1 tooth on mine and I love it. You can really lug third gear out of turns on the track and 1st gear is now great for tight spots on the trails! Also, I highly recommend the P-38 Accelerator pump cover, it has totally eliminated the bog!

Congratulations!!!! :):):p

G'day mate. I thought you Aussies spoke English? I read your post out loud with an Australian accent and I'm still lost!!! :)

Welcome aboard! :)

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