Wanted: Used TTR125L

I'm looking for a good used TTR125L for my wife. :) Please let me know if you know of any.

Thank you.


I have heard these are difficult to get new (at least here on the west coast), so I imagine that finding a used one might be difficult.

Very cool bike though, good luck with your quest!

hey, BBR sells new ttr125 chassis minus motor for 700 bucks!rolling chassis!!modify away, i say give her a cr 500 motor. that outta pull her big butt!!!

Hey Boner thats no way to be talkin about scramblers wife!

just kiddin, in VA we have only corn fed women.

I couldn't wait any longer. I bought a brand spanken new one last week. I thought I better get it while she still showed some interest.

Guess what that little thing even pulls my lard butt. Can you believe she was aggrevated because she couldn't get off of work in time to ride yesterday? :)

I will have a 2000 ttr 250 for sale in april when I pick up my wr426. Probably around 2,500 bucks.

So how does she like her TTR-125? How do you think it compares to a KX100?

I am looking to replace my wife's two-smoke, so any details would be appreciated. (For woods riding) Thanks!


Scrambler, what a stud!!! I am jealous where did you get yours and do they have any more? My wife is interested like yours to start riding I hope she shares the same enthusiasm your wife does you don't know how lucky you are :) Keep us posted on how she does. I'm sure it won't be long till our wives are stuffing us into berms :D And telling their friends what big squids we all are...

The TTR125L fits her great. I'm afraid that a two stroke would have been a too touchy for her. The TTR is short enough that it inspires confidence. It has plenty of power for her at this stage of the game. I know there has been more than one occassion where she would have ate a little dirt if she would have been on a more powerful bike.

I've met some other women who haven't been riding long. One of them has a TTR125L and the other has an RM125. After riding the TTR125L the one with the RM wanted to trade.

Bonnie (my wife) has been riding around our house. We have some good hills, a creek and some jumps (12acres partially wooded). For the most part she has been practicing the basics (I forgot how much I had learned). I have had her climb a couple of hills and go over a couple of woops just to mix it up. Only one spill so far and it was at a near stand still. I've been having her go through different areas in different gears to get a feel for things. She is finding out that it is easier to manuever some obstacles going fast than it is going slow.

So far so good. :)

I would highly recommend the TTR125L for a women under 5'8". I'm 5'-8" and can ride it but obviously it feels very small after riding full sized bikes. It is a good overall package for beginners (GREAT starter bike for a kid). Decent suspension for smaller riders, enough power, looks like larger race bikes, decent brakes and after market hop ups are available. Oh ya she can pick it up off of the ground herself (5'3", 115 lbs).

I got hers at Mattoon Kawasaki & Yamaha in Mattoon, IL 217/258-8616. Yes, they have another one.


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Congradulations sounds like your wife is enjoying her new scoot! I am still looking, those things are really popular in ca. Happy trails, huge

Glad to see the TTR125 works well for your wife. My situation is the same, I bought a yz80 for her, just to much when the power band kicks in. We looked at the xr100, too small, xr200, too big, I think we will make a trip to the Yamaha dealer..... wish me luck.. hehe


'00 DRZ E

Where is the kickstart on this thing....

my wife also has the ttr125, she loves the bike but thinks she wants somthing that will go in the sand, like a raptor!! So needless to say I may be selling her ttr soon.


2000 wr400,yztimed.renthols

no jetting troubles!!

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