tire size 650R?

What's the best width? 110, 120,130? Running Kenda 760's. :)

Depends on the terrian, your riding style, and your preferrence. I like a 120 for desert riding. Seems to soak up the whoops a little better than a 110 and offers a little more flat protection.

I found a 120 maxxis rubbed my exhaust, rear fender, and mud guard. Eventually it would have worn them out. Damn thing hooked though. Not as good in the corners though. I went back to the 110, easier to install on the bike too.

Thanks I'll go with the 110. Maybe I'll get a spare 120. I plan on doing the annual Gunstock hill climb in June. Tried it 2 years ago with a modified KDX and didn't make it. I'm sure the BRP will have no problem.

Dayum straight she won't have a problem. 14/50 gearing and put her in 3rd. She'll tractor up.

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