XR 650R, I love this bike!

Not only is the pig my primary transportation here on the island, its only a few clicks to stiffen it up for some serious off-roading on the weekends.

I've had it a year, and its so far the most rock solid reliable motorcycle I've ever owned.

I uncorked it and put on the Edelbrock a year ago and since than all the beast has cost me has been the cost of regular oil changes and a little chain lube.

Starts first kick almost every time, the engine is as hard popping and mechanically quiet as the day it was new, it doesn't burn any oil, it never overheated or boiled over, even during prolonged idling in heavy Cebu City traffic. Uses even the worst qualities of gasoline without any knocking or performance problems.

Honda knocked a grand slam with this bike.

:) ride on..........


Ditto, I believe all BRP rider's feel the same.... :D

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