No WR450 Clutch plates in the UK?

I was getting to go riding today with a mate, but he phoned up around 10ish just after he'd fiited his new set of clutch plates to his 2004 WR450F, which were no better, he then took them out again, and realised the parts company 'Race Spec' had sent the wrong ones, they were for the KTM.

So we toghther phoned nearly every off-road motorcycle shop in England, and all the off-road yamaha dealers, but to no avail, no-one had and clutch plates or

clutch kits. At all. Apperantly there is a shortage of WR parts in the UK, only certain parts, so we have to wait for a few weeks to get some more. A few dealers we contacted have to wait for the order to come through from Holland!!

Race spac is run by total retards. I have placed 3 orders with them and they have managed to screw up some part of my order each time.

try these guys and they can do next day delivery.

Your online store for all EBC Brake Pads,

Rotors and Clutches

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