will 1985 xr250 rims work on a 1994 xr650l? :)

does your bike have drum brakes in the rear?

no I was thinking that a 1985 would have drum but the piture shows a disk the rims are gold

I dont think the dude knows whats he's talking about.....

thanks for the info

I am almost positive they will work. Both are 2.15 arent they? I think so.

not sure what the drum brake has got to do with anything?

yeah the nipple angle might be off slightly--but that wont matter.... just count the number of spokes and see if they are the same.

if memory serves me both are 36 spokes....or is it 32!?

ok did he mean rims or wheels? old xr's are 36 new are 32

wheels I mean wheels I would think a guy might have to change bearings if the axle size is different ,and maybe fab some spacers but nothing to complicated

I would think that honda stays with the same design and the same hub manufacture we all know that honda doesn't change to much from year to year!!!!!!!!!!

thanks again for the input

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