Small end rod clearance xr650l

Hello everyone. I bought a '93 XR650L not running in need of some top end work. Upon teardown and doing some measuring I found, among other issues the clearance on the Rod/piston pin to be excessive. About .0027". I believe it is still serviceable but I was wondering how long it will last. The engine has about 9K on it and the rod big end is in good shape. Has anyone used a sloppy rod/piston pin without problems?


Find out what the factory Min.Max. tolerance is, and go from there TMO :)

Well the standard clearance is .0009"-.0019" service limit given in the manual is 0.948" which is kind of strange. Instead of a clearance they give a max diameter on the rod small end. Mine measures 0.9475" which gives me a .0027" clearance with a standard pin. It appears to fall into the service limits, but if I run it, how long until it devolopes a rod knock? Or has anyone ran into the same situation and the thing ran many miles without a problem. :)


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