Aftermarket Stuff for 05 WR450?????

Where can we get larger tank, bark busters that fit around brake res., Devol radiator protector and right shroud fitting, metal oil filter, heavier shock spring??? Loving the Moose Dyna-jet Carb Kit and White Bros e-Series pipe!! What a difference! Roost On!

Don't forget to put in Heavy Duty Tubes in those tires, already got a flat.

Don't forget to get a Rear Brake rotor guard, that plastic piece doesn't do anything, already bent it. I went with Billet, seems strong.

Don't forget Works Connection frame guards/radiator supports :):):p

Do the shrouds line up with tank and radiator. I actually bought a pair of Devol radiator guards and the shrouds didn't line up with the bottom bolt. Heard some talk about YZ shrouds. How about bark busters that can line up even on both sides of handle bar without coming in conflict with the brake resevior? Thanks! TeXR

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