Aluminum vs. Steel Plates

My 03'WR450 has a Revloc clutch and in my mind it feels as though there is increasing wear in the clutch plates since the system was installed a couple of years ago. Time to replace the clutch plates...$$$$

Question is: Anyone know if there is a performance and longevity difference between aluminum (stock) and steel clutch plates? Any after market brands better (read cheaper) than others? The pig is already heavy, so weight won't matter...... :)

Stock stuff isnt bad in many cases. But longer life, the steel may be the way to go. I have never worn out a motorcycle clutch in my entire life, and I've owned a load of bike. But thats from my riding habits, which probably wouldnt work well for racing.

I have never worn out a motorcycle clutch in my entire life.

Me neither, and this is my third WR (98, 02, now 03). I may just need to adjust the roller balls in the cutch so it engages at an earlier rpm. Had it that way once, but the engagement was too soon and abrupt.

Washighton State is my alma mater State: Gonzaga and Evergreen State. :) Bet the dual sporting is good there. Mostly desert canyons and sand washes here, atleast until till May.

you better go check that clutch again. my money says your stock plates are steel. my '03 has steel plates. the friction plates(the ones with the "stuff" bonded to them)may be aluminum but i think all modern dirt bike friction plates are. i think an auto clutch (revloc or rekluse) would eat aluminum plates in a very short time.

MTRA. There are both, but you are likely right on the 450. I, of course, need to read the frickin' shop manual.

But I'm always thinking, "how can it be better?", and I have imagained myself in to thinking the clutch friction plates were a.) aluminum b.) worn, or c.) aluminum and worn.

But I'll bet though there's aftermarket steel plates with more "swept area" that would grab harder, last longer. I can adjust the steel balls in the Revloc to engage at a lower rpm, but then full engagement comes on like........ right now. :)

Can't have it all...... :)

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