What sprocket setup up or down???

I dont know if I should increase # of teeth on rear to be able to stay more in 3rd or less teeth to stay in second more. I need a gear in between 2nd and 3rd?

Any advice???

For MX, most people seem to prefer gearing the earlier YZ450 models one or two teeth higher (less in the rear). I run a 15/49, which equates to a 14/46.

I would say gear it so you can stay in third, because if you gear it down you might find that you have lost a bit on the top end. Wouldn't you need to decrease # of teeth to stay in 3rd and increase # of teeth to stay more in second?

that's what i'm thinkin' too.

Decreasing the rear would make it easier to stay in second increasing top. Increasing the rear will make me be able to stay in 3rd but lose some top end.

Opposite for the front sprocket.

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