Another Moab Slideshow...

Cool Aye, makes me want to go and buy a bigger monitor I think 50 maybe 52 inch ought to do :)


That was very cool!!! Great!!!

Man do I want to go ride there now... :)


just watched the slide show, it was boomin, great work cueball, I wonder if you could do ours for us in Oz, if we ever get our act together, after all we do live in the land of the long week-end! Come on fellow Aussies lets put our heads together and at least try and come up with a location to make the sequal 'The WR strikes back'. :):D

You guys don't need me to do it, the website does it all. Check out

When the film was developed we had them put the images on CD. You can then upload the images to photopoint & arrange them in public or private albums. You can also take an album and make the slideshows (they call them movies) that I've posted.

Takes all of 5 minutes to make a movie from an album of pictures. Very cool. Very free.

How can I get that picture of me coming out of the hot tub?

Nevermind I found it. Thanks anyway

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