Any updates on Tim Staab?

It's been a while since I've heard of any news on our friend, just was curious how he's doing...

Thanks, Dan

what happened to him?

what happened to him?

Back in December of '01 while racing the Las Vegas 200 which is when Honda was pushing Campbell & Staab to race the CRF450 instead of the XR650R, Tim crash hard on the CRF450 and suffered a serious head injury. At one time, he was on a respirator in a coma, etc. He went through rigorous physical and speach therapy for a very long time and was improving. In April of 2003, Cycle News reported he finally got to go home after ~16 months in the hospital. He reportedly recognized the steet he lived on, his own house, etc, and was excited to be home. Here's an older link I saved that had a picture of him and some info.

I haven't heard anything since April of 2003. I hope he's doing well.

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