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Ok so I want to really push for a dirt bike this spring and and up until lately its ben the WR250f all the way. Lately i have been considering the fact that im 6'3 210 and only just turned 16. So im planning on growing and maybe even gettin a little heavier not to mention the added weight of gear. Now i know having a 230 sum-odd pounds on a 250 tryin to tear up a hill or crank on a straight will not do it as well as the 170 pound kid on the same bike next to me. So my father has got this idea in his head that anythign over a 250 fourstroke is unnecessary weight and size to have to try and man handle on the trails. Not to mention this will be my first personal bike but i have read that the 450 is very mellow and calm out of the box and then really comes alive after uncorking it. So is my fathers perspective of the 450's out dated, I seem to think that is very possible seeing as his old bike was a yami 490 and he hasn ridden in nearly 10 years. So how do you guys feel about a new age 450 for a big young new rider and how should i present it to pops lol. Thanks for any help in advance.

If your Dad is forking out the dough then he picks the bike. You could get the dealer to tell him the difference between the old 490 and todays bikes.

At your size you might prefer the 450 in spite of anyway advantage a 250 might have. The weight difference isn't as much as it used to be and the bigger bikes handle more and more like the smaller bikes every year.

You and I are about the same size. I'm 6'4" and weigh 210-220 depending on how much of a pig I've been. I own a WR400F and even though the extra power turns into wheelspin a lot of the time... other times I'm glad I have it.

I've thought of going back to a 250 but I just can't quite bring myself to do it.

The only way I'd get the 250 is if I were almost always woods riding on tight woody trails.

I'm 26, but only learned to ride a couple of years ago. I'm, 6'2" and about 185. The first time i ever rode a bike was a CRF450R and i was wearing combat boots and a polo helmet. I only rode it 3 times before i bought by wr450. Power is really managable. I couldnt ride a 250 or a 450 to it's limits, but i would rather have the 450 and put less stress on the engine.

Get the 450

Being it's your first bike you should be happy with either of them. I have a friend who prefers my wifes yz250f over my wr450 and he is pushing 300 lbs. He says he just feels more comfortable on the 250 and it has plenty of power for the hills. When I ride the 250f it feels way more flickable but you do need to shift alot more. Either way you can't loose because both bikes are great. Things could be worse, you could be getting a kdx. :)

as for the dough i am proud to say i am planning on it being my cash unless i get that high honors then it'll be split 50/50, hopefully.

If you were a little lighter the 250 would be the better choice.

I am still considering switching to the 250 after riding my friends bike but I am 6.0 and 165 lbs. The 250 is a real dream in the tight stuff.

Your hockey coach must love your size. Do you play competitve or just house league? Contact or non contact? I still play at 40 years of age, been playing goalie for 35 years. I coach my so who is also a goalie in peewee.

Here is a pic of him from last year.

Get the 450. At your weight, soon after you get used to the 250, it will feel weak.

Your ol' mans 490 is nothing like a modern day 450 four stroke, especially a WR. Those old big bore two strokes were a handful to ride and it took brass 'nads to ride them right (wfo). If you ride tight, twisty woods the 250 may be your best bet, and I see you live back East. I rode a YZ 250f before I bought my WR 450 and I had a blast on the bike. But everyone I ride with told me the same thing, "'ll regret riding it the first big hill you hafta climb or 5th gear fire road you ride on." If I had the money I'd buy both bikes, but I ain't rich :)

I play for St. John's Prep out here, its great hockey right now we are in the D1A Super Eight Hockey Tournament which is the end of season tourni above the D1 states. Right now i am just a sophmore and am only practicin with them because they have excellent senior and junior defensemen fillin up all the dressin spots but they are gettin me ready for next year.

As for the bike i really dont know how long it would take for me to start wanting more power out of a bike. I do consider myself a good mountainbiker and certainly know my way around on 2 wheels but tossin 40 hp under myself will be sure to change that confidence for a while until i was used to it. Maybe buy the 450 for dad to ride while we borrow the cousins xr200 for me to get comfortable on the snatch it away from him once he has the fever so he buys another one :) .

...Maybe buy the 450 for dad to ride while we borrow the cousins xr200 for me to get comfortable on the snatch it away from him once he has the fever so he buys another one :) .

Now there's a smart lad, especially if dad falls victim to the customizing urge easily! :)

Yer i'm in he same sort of position just turned 18 and just bought a 2000 wr400f it seems pretty big 'n' beefy but i guess we'll have to see once i've passed my test!!!

Get the WR450 and leave it stock. There is a throtle stop that only alows it to turn about a 1/4 of what a YZ will. When you are comfortable with the bike you can do all the free mods.

you mean this customizing bug... , yep thats us, he doesn drive it enough and in 2 years and 2 owners (stock with 8k miles when we bought it) so im hopin he lets me drive it this summer seeing as we've only logged 4k miles on it since we bought it. Not to mention he plans on dana 44 front and rear ends, with lockers 4.56 gears, new exhaust system, 4.5 inch springs and 35" tires, some better sound and who knows what else. W've also installed bash plates, winch and an onboard Co2 cylinder that can handle 40 tires on a full tank. I think I'd feel bad driving it more than him. :)

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