A good price on a yz250 ??

I know this thumperland but I dont know where else to ask.

A good friend has an 05 yz250 for sale at $5000.00. Probably has about 14-15 hrs on it. He also installed the bob Hanna plasic and graphics. Been wanting to get a two stroke just for a second bike and fun and wonder if this a good deal?

Any ideas??

Thanks :)

sounds good to me. 15 hours is nothing and msrp is around $1000 more before taxes (if applicable) and fees..,. I would go for it!!!

I just bought the '05 YZ250 for $5600.00 OTD. If I wanted to drive 200 miles I could have gotten it for $5250.00.

I don't think the 15 hours of time on the bike is much of anything. The graphics are really nothing that should make the bike worth more either.

Thanks guys

Post a photo when you get it! I bet the AL frame and yellow plastic look trick.

BTW Welcome to TT. I think you'll be seeing 2-stroke forums here in the very near future.

I paid $5250 for mine brand new.

A dealer near me here in Michigan has 2 leftovers that he'll sell for $4,700 each plus tax.

I dont believe I would pay more than 4500.00

This is not meant to insult your friend, but the bike is almost 1 year old . The 06's will be out in a few months.

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