Needle Position And Gas Mileage

I put a new needle in my bike ('04 YZ needle in an '05 WR) and ran a race yesterday and barely got 38 miles on 2.8 gallons of gas. There were alot of sandy creek beds and many of them were fifth gear drag races. I got 80 miles on 2.8 gallons and alot of that ride was fire roads in fifth gear, but I was using the stock needle.

I would expect to get less gas mile in the sand versus hard pack, but half the mileage? :) Can a needle change cause that much more gas consumption?

You can really suck gas with a rich needle and a high idle! Especially when lugging the motor around in low revs and short shifting. Wrong needle and or position. :) You should be getting 25 mpg in the worst condtiions with good jetting. :)

Thanks Indy :) , I adjusted the needle and the bike runs so much better. I tried to dial it in with the fuel screw but didn't have much luck. But I think I'm gonna save my bigger IMS tank and just buy some heat shield for the fuel lines, just in case!!!

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