Any complaints on 05's

I've heard nothing but good, strong comments about the 05' WR450s, have you had any problems with them? Anything about the 05 that drives you crazy?

:) I don't have any complaints other than having the smaller 2.1 gallon tank. That can be fixed with an aftermarket. The bike runs strong and handles great.

This is my first 4 stroke since the 70's and it's awesome. For me it seems to be the perfect combination. I used to ride a CR500, man that bike was really something!! I loved that bike. The problem was starting and turning the beasty. But for a big guy ( 6'2" 225 ) it was a gentle giant power wise. Then I moved to a KX 250, it too was a real great bike and I could fly through the woods on it because it was much easier to turn, start, etc...however I got stuck on more than one hill in the mountains because it didn't have the torque to pull me up after a sharp turn where you loose momentum.

Now enter the 05 WR450. The bike is as slim as my KX was and to be honest it holds a line through a corner just as well if not better. But it has open class torque and smooth power. It seems to be the perfect combination of the two.

My only complaint would be that you have to uncork it. It's like having two motorcycles really. When it is corked up it is fairly quick and well mannered. But pop that cork and it is freaking eye blearing fast...and well mannered.


I've heard nothing but good, strong comments about the 05' WR450s, have you had any problems with them? Anything about the 05 that drives you crazy?

I love the bike. Its a huge improvement over anything I've ever had... The only thing I don't like is the extreme engine braking. Curable with a YZ cam, but, maybe consider a YZ in the first place?

I've heard nothing but good, strong comments about the 05' WR450s, have you had any problems with them? Anything about the 05 that drives you crazy?

Love mine :) Done all the free mods, re-did the suspension (RaceTech x Clean Racing), Scotts, and blinged it with other goodies too (and not done yet :) ).

Seems like a large number of people buy these bikes not understanding that CA's CARB impacts have blocked much of the power, then think the bike sucks or is weak... Awesome bike :p

I personally have found no problems yet with the bike. I too am slightly worried when going on extended rides with only 2.1 gallons. I still haven't bought an aftermarket tank but will probably get the Acerbis next season...... I have spent too much on this brand new bike already :) . To me, all the mods were easy to do and kinda a good way to get to know my bike a little more. I hope there aren't any complaints on this bike for a while cause I wont be in any position to buy something else for a while....


I have a '05 WR450 supermoto and the bike runs great.

There was an article somewhere on 4 Strokes .com that was saying newer YZ's ans WR's have a problem with the chain slapping into the swingarm next to the guide, causing wear on the swingarm and premature failure of the swingarm. :)

I have checked for wear and not seen it although you need to pull the chain guide off to inspect. (Which I haven't done).

I can hear the chain slapping on something when bogging out or on decel. :)

Small Tank !!!! But great handling bike , much better than previous models. Rode a 03WR 250F one season . The 05 WR 450 seems to handle as well as the old 250F ,I like the lower seat height . I shaved my seat and lower'd the sub frame. This bike does not feel top heavy. I lost a 04 WR to a fire I liked the hit of the 04 450 better than the 05 , Just a thing in my head about the 04!! motor .

does a 05 still have that murky headlight effect in low rpm's wich betters when throtthle is twisted?

The best bike. Uncorked, fits my riding style with plenty hill climbing power.


Have to uncork it/stock configuration is a wuss (although the 450 makes up a little)

The non-adjustable carboretor

Chain rubs aluminum subframe (both YZ & WR)

Riding the bike causes addiction.

Not ridding causes withdrawl.

Now that the bike's been around for a while you could seriously set up the carb one time with the proper jetting specs learned here on TT in about an hour. The smog removal kit would take less than an hour if you had to get rid of it and the rest is gravy.

My personal gripes about the bike: I think it's too small for a fast big guy that races desert and the pipe is worthless... The 05 handles and corners extremely well compaired to the previous models and it's a better trail bike, more like a KTM. Good in some ways and bad in others like wicked fast whoop sections, for that stuff I'd be happier on the 04 WR.

water pump is leaking on my 05


yes mine has the weak head light at low rpms. the chain also sucks tightened it about five times since i bought it a few months ago.

The stock chains have always been excellent.

The stock chains have always been excellent.

:) I love the stock chain. Within a couple rides you could use it on a hill climb bike!

The chain issue surprises me. I put a little over 2,000 miles on mine and rarely adjusted the chain before I sold it to BrandonW. That's one of the best chains I've ever had on a stock bike. :)

jdd123 sait it well with the addiction and withdrawl, i just cant get enough, ive had my bike for about a month, and already put about 250miles on the bad boy! almost time for the oil change!

but the only 2 complaints that i have is the fker runs hot! im to scared to take it to glamis, in fear of blowin the sucker up.....the second prob. is the smog b.s. my bike sounds like dog dooky when im backing off the gas, poppin like a vw bug with a stinger, its almost embarassing, so to fix that problem, never let off!!! haha..n-e body know about this smog removal kit?

I don't have complaints, only observations.

1) She can get hot fast (insert joke here)

2) Geared too tall for tight woods and technical stuff

3) The seat is a bit hard

4) Her beautiful blue plastic doesn't stay beautiful for long :)

5) What's with the water pump leak!

6) She's a sweet ride :)

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