Any complaints on 05's

) She can get hot fast ( only when you first met?)

2) Geared too tall for tight woods and technical stuff ( tall, tight, woods all good)

3) The seat is a bit hard ( tell her to relax)

4) Her beautiful blue plastic doesn't stay beautiful for long ( should'nt have put wedding ring on her)

5) What's with the water pump leak! ( some do that when they have been used a bit)

6) She's a sweet ride ( what's your bike like?)


The A.I.S. kit will solve all the decel popping. It's very easy to install and very clean looking.

well I got 325 miles on my 05 that I got in February I got 3 desert races on it and I am still stoked on it I have don all the free mods and re jetted it and dam did the jetting make a difference so far no problems the only bummer was all the work to do all the mods

Yep, I have a BIG comlpaint about the 05..... I don't have one.

) 2) Geared too tall for tight woods and technical stuff ( tall, tight, woods all good)

Stock gearing is too tall, and the stock chain is too short to fit a 52 tooth rear sprocket.

I did the Sawmill Enduro yesterday, the majority of which was tight single track and hills, I was rarely out of first gear. I prefer gearing lower and using second and third, that way it is not as easy to kick the bike into neutral. I did that a couple times yesterday and always at a bad time...

I wasn't too happy with the power at first, but since finding Thumpertalk I have learned a ton of info. I just finished all the free mods I a waiting for the JD jet kit and AIS removel. Haven't good a chance to ride with all the mods yet thought. I am sure I will be impressed. Only other Complaints are how hot it runs( Jd Kit should help ), The chain ware on the sub frame, and the small tank

Oh, the starter and kill buttons.... Superglue.. :naughty:

Yeah, I didn't have one sooner!!

No, but seriously, shes way heavier than then my beloved 2 strokes. Also the jetting seems to be a little more critical for proper running. On the old 2 smokes once you dialed them in they seemed to run forever without popping, hard starts, or excessive heat. Other than that I am truly in love.

Love running pump gas, love that smooth torque and it seems that if you ride it right the weight just seems to disappear! :naughty::naughty:


Do you guys think that it runs cooler after jetting it with the JD kit?

Thanks for your help.


'05 WR450

4 strokes run hot. I never worry about it. It gets pretty hot around here in the summer. Maybe not desert hot but it can get 100 degrees.

If you do all the free stuff and put a pipe on the bike it is a FAST bike. My 03 ran good but had a pipe with a Promoto baffle. I t was nearly as fast as my 05. My 05 has a WB E2 slip on.

I'm sure it does a bit. But I doubt it is enough to make a huge difference by feel. I do think it made enough of a difference where I don't get boil over anymore though.

It's important however, to remember that all that heat coming from the radiator and motor means the cooling system is working!! So when I feel that heat but get no boil over I know she is working great.


I have put on 835 miles. Starter button broke and I had to kick it a day otherwise it is trouble free. Just had the valves checked and they were fine, Has all the mods done and being 6'4" I put on the new RC high bend bars from Renthal with risers. Wore out the stock rear Dunlop and the front tire is not the best in sand but tires are personnel preference anyway. Keep up the maintenance and ride on......

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