Handle bar risers?

I saw before that I could purchase aset of risers for my stock bars and triple clamps that would raise and move my bars forward by 1 1/2" or so . Does anyone know who makes these? Thanks

It may not help you ,but I just got a set of tri star clamps and they are sweet!!They come withrisers that allow you to move the bars up a half inch and offer more shims for sale that allows you to move them up a LONG way!

Ck them out at tristar.com :)

try these guys. I got mine there. http://www.thumper-racing.net/kits.html

call the 800 number. I dont think the risers are listed on their web site. Tall bars, high seat, low foot pegs, and the bar risers really make the a bike ridable for a tall rider.

Billet racing products sells all kind of risers. They make some sweet stuff.

I think there adress is www.brpit.com

Thanks for the help!

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