'00 426 & '01 Hinson Basket difference

I have noticed that Hinson has 2 different part numbers for '00 426 clutch basket and '01-02 426 baskets. What's the difference?


Im guessing you are riding a yz426 or somehitng?

yes its a '00 yz 426

Its probably an update to the basket, or maybe one kit comes with something that the other doesnt. Either basket would work because all of the stock baskets are the same in those model years.

I often wondered the same thing. My guess is the bolt hole pattern. Call Hinson and find out. But order the basket for the year of bike you have.

i just ordered a hinson basket on fri for my '00 426. i was thinking about the same thing but only because i want to do the '01 clutch mod after this next ride, is the '00 basket going to affect me doing the mod?

no. The clutch mod has nothing to do with the basket

My dealer insists they are interchangeable. But even the stock baskets are slightly different part numbers. I emailed Hinson. I will post their response. Glad to see I'm not the only one wondering.

OK...Jon @ Hinson told me the difference is the way the stock gear bolts onto the basket. You can use a '01-02 basket on a '00 but you have to use a '01-'02 gear.

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