Front tire rubbing/catching on the left side fork lower grey plastic ring

On mY 05 TE-510 that I have owned about a month

I noticed after about the 4th ride, that the little grey ring with the two bolts on the forks above the seals at about the top of the tire, that the left one had some abrasions on it about the size of a finger nail, like the tire outside knobs were hitting it. Then after installing seal savers and on rides #6, 7 I noticed the left seal saver is tore open in the same spot.

Now after riding this weekend fairly rocky bumpy woods trails for 50 miles Saturday and another 50 miles today, that left side seal saver is tore open now as large as my thumb nail and worse the tire has been I assume it's the tire, as it comes around it apparently grabs at that that plastic ring and rotates it in a clockwise motion as you would look up from ground. The grey plastic ring has rotated to the point that the back part with the two screws ( (is it two or one?) fasteners holding the ring in place are rotated to nearly being into the tire.

I'm lucky I caught it in time or I would have had that large part of the ring jambed into the tire. I'm talking with the dealer tomorrow about it. I had allready advised him of the first abrasions I saw on that left side plastic ring on the inside tire side 3 weeks ago.

Something is going on... The brakes are fine, but maybe the factory set the wheel in too close to the left side fork ?? maybe on the hub there is washer or spacer missing leaving the tire off center and too close to the left fork?

any advice, any one seen this before?



Did you put bike on stand and rotate the wheel to see if it is out of true? I would also check for loose spokes, axle bolt and pinch bolts for tightness and play in wheel bearings.


spokes tight, wheel spin seems true. Will take it to dealer's shop for more investigation. Has to happen when the forks compress enough for the tire to get a whack at that plastic ring as normally its up higher then tire top. probably on my minature jumps.

big bob. i had the same thing hapening on my 04 but it appears to be from the fork guard itself i found that the routing for the brakeline would push the guard towards the grey guide and rub on it. see if when you remove the brakeline from the guard the ditance increases. if it does, resolve the issue by reposistioning the brakeline in the guard and clamp down. it could also be the way the line goes through the guard on the inside there are 2 little hooks the line goes through they can also bend the guard and cause the rubbing. :)

dropped the bike off at dealer's today. His mechanic is gonna take the wheel off look at bearings, wheel , tire , spokes and any mechanical reasons why tire may be hitting that plastic piece, but we also found that left side plastic ring piece was not screwed on real tight and like said above it may not be the tire that hits it , it may be be the blue fork guard.....

and guess what: the scratches on the grey plastic are vertical........if the tire knobs were catching it under jumping conditions with some warped wheel or something whatever the Scratches would be HORiZONTAL.......they aint they be vertical which leads us to believe the top of the blue fork guard under some braking conditions is pulling back and dinging that grey plastic guard....and what is that grey plastic ring there for? To stop the blue thing from hitting the polished fork.

me thinks it's the fork guard...not the tire........whatever it is it has to stop. can't be hitting so much that it tears up my seal savers and that grey plastic ring........gotta fix it whatever it is.

will report back our findings and action taken..


I went riding today and I have Canadian screws on my WR250 which stick out an extra 1/4" from the M12 front and it doesn't rub(if it did, it would chainsaw through it). It must just be the fork guards that are rubbing


Is the tire centered between the forks? If not you could loosten spokes on one side & tighten on the other to move it over.

like i said its the brake line routing that causes the fork guard to twist and rub on the grey guard!! :)

got the bike back. It was the left fork guard with a loose bottom bolt and a semi loose grey plastic ring in combo that caused the scraping...................Thanks to Dan at MotoXotica for helping me find out the answer............The real answer is the loose nut on the seat....who didn't think to check his loose nuts down low.

We'll, I was working on the TE510 yesterday and I notice my Rub ring was crooked, I looked closer and it was busted. I looked closer and the bottom of the gold fork was scratched a bit, then I notice the braiding was showing through the hydraulic line and the coating was all cutup.

eurodave is correct on this deal. When you get to the bottom of the travel the brake line actually goes above the rub ring a bit. The fork guard line holder circlip is too short, if the fork guard gets a little warped and the line is in the circlip delio it will rub. I pulled the lines out of the circlip and they lines immediately routed themselves (ODO sensor wire is the other) about an inch in toward the hub. I going to figure out a way to secure them about a 1/2 or so outside the circlip.

I think what compounds the problem is the brake line could be about 2" longer. When the fork extends fully the line becomes tighter and closer to the fork. I added a sub-mounted Scotts dampener and the new bar clamp raised the bars 3/4" which compounds the problem. Although I broke the rub ring before I mounted the higher clamps so it can be a problem in the stock set up.

hmmm since tightening my system up, the fork shield bolts down low and the grey ring holding screw/nut . I rode about 80 miles on two days. i just checked mine and all looks good.....the brake line is still in its clip. The seal saver neoprene has no new holes and the grey fork rub ring is not turning. It may be getting hit / rubbed by the fork guard but it aint moving. and the hits aren't as bad I guess as the seal saver neoprene is solid no tears.

hopefully , mine is good now.

I've got a smr and it does the same thing. Like eurodave said it's the brake line causing the guard to move. All fixed now

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