HRC Tip - USFS Approved?

Installed the HRC tip on the BRP during the uncorking process. Still has the spark arrester, but no stamp on the tip that states 'USFS Approved'. I don't want to get hassled by rangers, but it carries the same spark arrester as stock.

Anyone have any experience with this?


I've never been hassled by any rangers because the stamp wasn't there, but I suppose we're technically in violation because of this. I've seen rangers place a stick up into people's exhaust systems and I've seen / passed a number of CA rangers and even rode up to them to talk, but I've never been hassed becuse of this.

Carry an 8mm to take the end cap off and show him if he wants to get anal. Remember, they are human too, a little common sense and no disrespect will go a long ways when dealing w/ them.

I thought the same thing when I replaced the tip. I was almost concerned enough about it to take the stock one and cut the tip out just to have the words stamped on it. Only once was I stopped on my BRP by a ranger for inspection. All he did was ask me if it was USFS approved. :) Maybe I looked trustworthy with the helmet on. I have on occasion had a ranger shove a stick inside the pipe of my YZ to check. Honestly, this shouldn't be a problem unless the ranger gets anal as mentioned above.

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