1st 450 how often do I change the oil filter?

I bought a 05 450 2 months ago and I have been changing the oil about every 10 rides and the filter about every 20 is that ok or should I do it more frequently?

I change mine usually every second oil change, but I always change my oil once a week. I figure its cheaper to do frequent oil and filter changes than to chance my engine. If there is ever something internally wrong with the engine, and you are doing frequent oil changes, it will usually show up in the filter. I was lucky once when my clutch basket started chewing up on the rivets, I didnt even notice I had a problem untill I changed my oil. I seen metal on the filter and was able to catch the problem in time.

I think I will cut everything in half.

I do oil every other ride and filter after about 5 oil changes.

I have changed oil every 2-4 hours of effective engine running, depending on how much beating it has received, every time with a new oilfilter and washed/re-oiled airfilter, does no harm at least...

I change my oil every three ride days, or more often. This ends up being about 8-10 hours. If I'm going racing, I change before and after the race. I use a Scotts stainless mesh oil filter, and clean it every time the oil gets changed.

I change my oil every 5th ride which is about 10 hours. I also have a Scott stainless mesh filter and clean it everytime I change to oil.

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