Something Wrong, Bike is eating up Oil

Anyone know what could be wrong? My 2000 YZF426 has burnt up major oil the last two times I went riding. I'm talking over a quart each time for 4 hours of riding. It holds just shy of 2 quarts. It's not smoking and it's not leaking. I still seem to have good compresion and power. The only thing I can think is my piston and rings need replaced but I have power and don't see any smoke.

My guess is you use a synthetic oil? Some synthetics don't have the obvious blueish smoke when they burn off, like regular oil has. If it ain't leaking, its burning.

I am using a synthetic mix. I personally think it may be time for a piston and rings but I seem to have pretty good power and I don't notice any smoke, even when I fire it up. Thanks for the reply. I also posted this thread in the general forum.

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