White 426 w/ XGX Graphics...Here's the Pics

Here's the pics I promised you guys of the graphics on the bike. I had posted pics of the plastics with the graphics on another post, and here they are on the bike!! Let me know what you guys think!!







Awesome graphics and plastic, I just ordred some of their graphics last week ,cant wait :) BTW how much did this transformation cost you?

Man the bike looks SWEET !!!

omg that looks good

The complete transform cost me $129 for the box of Aserbis plastic, plus I think it was $12 for the front Numb plate, and then $279 for the custom graphics. Since I wanted everything with a white background, i.e. Tank and shroud, accessory kit, and numb plates, it cost me an extra $50 for the color mod. So if I had taken what they offerered in color, it would have only been $229 for everything...

Wow very nice. The black wheels look slick as well. :):p:)

Is your tank white also?

I love the look. Way to go.

Yes, I ordered a Clarke stock sized white tank for it. The only flaw in the whole thing is the fact that the Clarke tank has a slight discoloration to it as compared to the Acerbis plastic. The Acerbis are a very nice white, and the Clarke Tank has a slight yellowish color to their white as compared to the rest of the plastic. Its not bad, but if you get close, you can see the difference...The Tank cost me $169 which included shipping...Sorry, Forgot to add that in with the total transform cost....

I also have a complete set of original plastics with new Troy of Yamaha graphics that I still need to put on, but those will be my practice graphics, while these are specifically for race day....

I will get some pics of it with the other setup also when I get done...

That is one of the coolest yzf's I've ever seen! I really like those custom number backgrounds they look SICK. :p:):)

Looks Great :)

Too pretty to ride.

Thanks Guys...

I showed up at the track thinking I had enough time to polish the graphics and get some really good pics before my race. Come to find out, I had 30 min before our practice, since the track was hosting Race 1 of the 4-Stroke Nationals, they bumped out practice ride by 1 hour, so I really didnt have time to prep and get the lighting right for some really good pics. Hopefully after I get it all washed up and cleaned again I can take some better pics with better lighting....

Thanks again guys for all of the positive feedback....

Nice looking bike! Shame to get it dirty isnt it? Cool avatar! Who's that holding the train?

That's ****ing sick!!!!

awesome!!! :):):p:D

Thats GRANDMA!! LMAO...I actually had to cut a crap load or frames out and shrink it down a ton to get it to 20k...LOL

This is one of the best looking bike I've seen in my life, really!

I got a response from XGX Racing, and they said they would love to get some pics to post on their website..... Thanks again guys for the positive feedback, I Quoted everyone in my letter to XGX Racing and they said Thanks to everyone for the Props....

That is sweet

Looks real good white like that :)

That is sweet,, I love the all white with the black rims.. :)

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