Jetting For White Bros. Race Series

I just bought the White Bros. Race series exaust for my 04' Yz450. I was curious if anybody had a baseline jetting set-up for sea level? Any help is appreciated.


Was your bike jetted correctly with prev pipe? I only raised the needle jet one position by lowering the clip one position and it was fine until I went with JD Jetting kit.

It's impossible to make recommendations on jetting without knowing how the bike is running...

Go out and make a few laps and then tell us what its doing.

Oh yeah, and post pics of the bike with the new pipe. Those look so damn awesome. :)

I have the Carbon Pro. I called WHite Bros and they said leave the stock jetting. I would call them for a baseline. I'm gonna' guess stock jetting is fine.

Thanks for the advice guys, I'll have to go out this weekend and make some trial runs.

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