Which clutch lever/perch?

I took out my clutch perch this weekend on my 450 and have decided to get a aftermarket ASV or Works Connection one with the hot start...

I know the asv has a 5 yr warranty which really has me leaning towards them..

Just looking for opinions and/or recommendations



i have the arc levers....and i really like them...you'll never have to buy another set thats for sure....same with the asv's...u can't go wrong either way in my opinion...


I had an ASV clutch lever and was fairly happy with it only because the clutch pull was as hard or a bit harder upon install. If you got the $$$ I would highly reccomend the Magura Hydraulic unit for your 450F. I put one on my bike and the clutch pull is now 2 finger easy, no joke. I don't plan on ever owning another bike w/o one again. Just my 2 cents.

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