Reuseable oil filter

What is the best brand of Reuseable oil filters and how much do they cost? Also is the yz250f oil filter the same as the yz450f oil filter on the 05 bikes?

Scotts. Ready Filter has just introduced one that looks as if it may compare well.

Scotts has been at the business of making stainless steel mesh filters for a long time. They are a favorite of all kinds of engine builders, including in the NASCAR ranks. They are proven to be reliable and extremely durable, as well as very effective. They outperform OEM brass filters by double, and filter more reliably than paper. You can expect to pay between $60-70 for one.

The filter offered by CRT is an unknown value. They cost less ($40), but so far, they have not published any specific information about the filter's performance or the quality and origin of the materials used. Scotts, on the other hand, freely supplies just about every piece of information you could want to know, and guarantees its accuracy.

And yes, both the YZFs take the same filter.

Before you ask, and you will, the Scotts is in fact made with only one seal on the outer end, rather than two as the stock ones have.

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