larger tank for '04

I'm going to be getting my 450 plated and selling my already plated 400. Before I l let the 400 go I want to get the 450 set up for some long hauls. I have the carke 3.3 tank on the 400 which gives a me a nice range but I belive (and it could just be in my head) that it is contributing to some of the top heavy feel. So before I put the same tank on my 450 I wanted some of your thoughts on the other tanks. IMS, acerbis, maier anyone have one they really like on an '04

I'm looking for some info as well for my '04. Looking at the IMS 3.0, and whatever else is out there. I'm not looking for the biggest, just for something a little more then stock.

Just for your information, Clarke only makes a 2.8 gallon tank for the 03, 04 & 05 WRs. That is just 2 tenths of a gallon more than stock, not worth $175.00 for that small amount IMO.

IMS is said not to drain all the way because of the design, plus the right side petcock is only a gnats eyebrow from the header pipe. It is 3.1 gallons.

The Acerbis/GYT-R tank is 3.3 gallons and has a decent gap between the right side petcock and the header pipe but sits taller so it has a slightly top heavy feel. With the 03 & 04 you will need YZ shrouds on any of the after market tanks. I understand on the 05s you can use WR shrouds also. :naughty:


I have the 3.1 IMS on my WR and the right petcock rubs against the head pretty good. It also rubbed on the left side just not as bad. I never got it down low enough to see if it would utilize the fuel on the lower right side of the tank. I have since taken it off mainly because of the rubbing problem. The overall feel was pretty good, it definitely kept the weight low but it did feel a little wider than the stock setup, but not much.

Does anyone besides Clarke make a black tank? :naughty:

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