making the throttle pull easier

Is there any way to do this on a '94 XR600?

Lube the cable's :)

The throttle cables are well lubed. I recall a few years back an article in an off road magazine where they converted the dual cable set-up to a single cable. Does anyone have any info or experience in this?

the throttle pull on my 85 was decent, but my 93 is just shih-tay. dunno why. . .

how do those things make throttle action better?

deano.....I took 1/2 a round out of the primary carb throttle spring, took the push cable completly off and lubricated the pull cable...Made a world of difference....

Thanks, CrackiN. I will try your setup. What did you use to seal the throttle housing after you took the return cable out? Did you buy a new throttle assembly?

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