02 YZ426F ourchase

I am most likely going to be purchasing a 02 YZ426F this week...

the bike if very clean, and appears very well maintained.

What if anything should I be aware of with these bikes?

How often do the valves need readjusting, maintenance, etc etc etc?

any advice would be greatly appreciated.


i dont know about the 426, but my 03' 450 is extremely reliable. i had about a year and a half of riding and one season of racing on it before i changed the piston and rings...i also put valve seals in it but the old ones were still in pretty good shape....as for the valves, mine were almost perfect after a year and a half...no adjustment needed...just make sure u change ur oil and oil filter about every 10-20 hrs of riding and it should be the same for u....good luck and enjoy your new bike..

The bike is solid. I dont know about every 10-20 hours for oil and filter change, but I do mine every other ride, OIL is cheap, rebuild due to engine failure on one of these isnt.

I have an '01, and ride/race it constantly at the track, take it to the dunes, and I have still yet to be rebuild it. The only things that might be of concern is the chain guide wearing out, and the chain wearing through the chain slider and wearing away the swingarm. I have yet to have any problems with the rear bearing, but I have had to replace the front wheel bearings a couple of times. Also, be aware of the steering stem bearings and races, pressure washing the bike over time and not tearing them apart and keeping them greased can wear them out. I stripped and took the stock needle bearings out of their wax and re-did them with mobil red synthetic.

On the valves I have only had to make 1 adjustment to one Intake valve cause it was too tight. I do encourage the 450 cam mod, which will definately take the heartache away from starting them. Other than that, you will have a solid machine...

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