DOt tires good for off road?

DOT tires are needed to license the bike but I ride 98% offroad. Are there any DOT tires that are just as good as dirt tires for off road riding?

Anybody try the Pirelli MT21's?

Thanks in advance


Kenda Trackmaster II. Check out Rocky Mountain supply. They have them for about $35. I have heard very good things about these tires. I haven't picked up my BRP yet so I haven,t had the chance to try them myself. That's what I'm going with. :)

Kenda Trackmaster II. Check out Rocky Mountain supply. They have them for about $35. I have heard very good things about these tires. I haven't picked up my BRP yet so I haven,t had the chance to try them myself. That's what I'm going with. :)

I second H.J. on the Kendas - aka: K760 - for best agressive knob DS tire :)

After trying various (expensive) DOT tires on both the 600 and 650, my opinion is none work noticeably better, most not as good, and all are more expensive -some by 2X.

I have the kenda trackmaster II and they rock!

Also, try to pick up some information on the Michelin Baja and on the Tera Flex.

Ah and you could ride a pirelli up front if you want. I think all front Pirellis are DOT... even knobby tires

Pirelli's are great but pricy. The new 21 is different from the old one, . They made a tire that was exactly the same as a track tire for like $10 more. I would just run any tire you want, I have never had any problems. Even with a sherrif inspecting the bike, no big-e.

There's always haybailin's (xrlug) trick of taking a dremmel tool and grinding off the "non" from the label. :)

Really it's mostly the rubber compound & not the tread design that makes a tire DOT or not. I'm running a D-606 rear and an MT-18 HD front on my XRL. This is almost the same as my WRF, except for the D-756 AT rear, and it's a good 90/10 dirt/street combo.

I ordered a front and rear MT21 last week. Will have them installed this week, wont be riding in the dirt until the weekend. But I can give you a road report when they get installed if this helps.

I have been researching the best combo for any type of terrain, but not specializing in anything single type. And these are where i ended up.


I've had the best luck with Pirelli MT21s.(buy them online),the prices through a dealership are way!,to high!!. While your at it get some ultra H/D tubes!!!.

Fortunately my dealer will match any internet price I can bring him. So I personally would rather keep the business local.

But I am looking forward to my test run with the MT21's that's for sure! :)

I have only rode with the stock tires which are just an accident waiting to happen off road.

The best combination for your 98% habit is the Bridgestone- Gritty ED 78 for the Rear and a Pirelli MT 18 for your 21" Front tire. This combination is Heavy Duty and handles very well.

What, no vote for the terraflex?


I've had the MT21s for about a year now, and ride 80% on road, and 20% off road. They work well everywhere. Last weekend I rode in some really greasy mud, and they were o.k., but everyone in our group was having trouble. You'll be happy with the MT21s. They seem to be holding up pretty well on the street, and hook up pretty well (pavement) considering how aggressive the tread is. My two cents...


i had the mt21's on my last bike, rode them for a while, ditched them at 50% for the kenda trackmaster II's. my latest bike came with mt21's, cant wait to pitch them. iv'e never been stoked on the mt21's. they were ok on road, but i was kinda disapointed over all (price vs. onroad wear vs off road traction). the trackmaster II buzzed a little on road but they are a lot more knobby and for the price you can afford to keep the knobs fresh, considering the whole set is under a hundred duckets. happy shopping- joe

The MT21's are good if you do more street riding. The even do ok in dry off road conditions (except: under acceleration, the back end occasionally and unexpectedly kicks way out wide and really gets your attention). They are REALLY bad in mud. I switched to Kenda Trak Master II's and love them for 95% dirt riding. No complaints off road. Feels like a good soft-intermediate terrain tire. On road, they are loud and buzzy, but I don't care. Dirt performance is what matters to me. They even wear well. Rockymtnmc has cheap prices, but there shipping is high for tires. Chapparell has cheaper overall cost.

Go to Rocky Mountain!! They have the Kendas cheap. Front is $31.40 and 110 rear is $31.99! I think the 120 rear is $36. Can't beat it! :)

I like the Kendas alos. They seem to work very well in alot of conditions.

I'd tend to agree with SaltyW about the MT21's - I had a set on my XR400 and they were great as an 'off-road' tyre on the road (nice predictable handling, even in the wet), and good off-road on hard rocky ground and dirt roads - but pretty poor in mud... they clogg up really easily, and don't clear...

I'm now running Michelin AC10's front and rear and they are excellent - they call them a 'road legal motocross tyre' in that it is not FIM spec for Enduros because the tread is much deeper (and more in the pattern of their Starcross MS3) - the front is really stable, and the rear hooks up great in deep mud, soft ground and even on a dry sandy motocross track - and they are really comfortable/predictable on road too - totally recommended if you need DOT tyres...



I went from Dunlop 756's (non-DOT), to a Pirelli MT-21 in the rear. I ride 95% off-road. The MT-21 is supposed to be one of the best/aggressive off-road DOT approved tires, but it was a big drop-off from the Dunlops. I'm going to switch back to straight off-road knobbies when the Pirelli wears out. I'll just get the bike inspected at a small place that does both cars and bikes. They don't even look at the tires. :-)


I have mich enduro comp III front and a dessert rear (mich) 140/100? Big _ss wide tire. Real tite fit on my 600. And cant beleive it is dot ! I like it a lot ! And now both of my buds want same . My .02 :)

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