I have to say I'm sorry to all you blue owners......

sometimes when a guy is dumb about new things it is easier to say the bike is junk.. then to say nothing and lisen to gain some smarts about it..

I'm sorry...... but I seem to finally be learning a little about my carb..

and also what works for one does'nt always work for another...


The WR/YZ carb can be jetted porperly to handle any conditions but it cannot be jetted to cover "World Wide Conditions" with one jetting set up. All of these bikes there state of tune, state of modification, location, operating altitiude, temperature etc make them all a little different.

However, the principals involved are the same and a little insight can go a long way to understanding what to adjust to effect what change or symphtom. This forum is a great place to ask questions gain insight learn a little something new and make you own mind up on what to do with the information.

As to jetting there is no one solution but there are trends and information available here to help forum users make meaningful changes and improvements.


Fred: Did we give you some bad advice? Like Clark said, there is no ONE jetting for every application. By experimenting, tinkering, and getting your hands dirty, you will become a better troubleshooter and gain confidence. Making small changes, one at a time, on your carb won't break your machine. You'll be able to tell if you are going in the correct direction or not and then make the proper choice as to what the next locial step should be. You have a bunch of knowledgable owners here willing to lend help. Take advantage of it and there's no need to apologize for asking. Good luck.


You had an unusual problem. Don't hesitate to ask LOTS more questions. Everyone learns from the answers. We all ride in different areas and very rider is unique. Whats perfect for me is not for everyone. Thats understood. I ask lots of questions all the time, mostly the only dumb thing about it is the looks on the faces behind the counter. :)


Fred- Funny you say Dumb Questions....

The WR is an extremely complicated dirtbike. It can be intimidating. Carb jetting is probably the hardest thing to get right. There's definitely no such this as a dumb question!

Maybe you could post your complete setup, riding conditions, all mods, etc and the exact problem again, we can all try to help with suggested jetting. We all know they may not be perfect, but I bet it will be close.

Personally I wouldn't play AT ALL with the pump adjustment until the jetting is correct. Also check the TPS resistance, make sure there are no obstructions in the vent lines, make sure the carb seals are tight, and the airfilter is not overly oiled and is clean. Did you buy your bike used? There could be something else to check for. I cleaned my carb last week in about an hour, maybe try that too. That way you can look at all the parts and learn where they are.

Something else that is often understated is the importance of proper warm up before concluding your jetting change was the wrong thing to do. Give it 5 minutes at idle, and 15 minutes of riding warmup time at least.

That's my $.02, leave the change to Bryan.

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